The blog is now up and running and Travis will be posting our first official blog very soon!

Here it is:

“A Night for Unity” is the suitable title for the Unity 2012 fundraiser taking place this september 10th. The doors open at 5pm and the live show starts at 6:30pm with the extremely popular and the always sought after polka band “sloohai” performing!!! Sloohai are making their Unity 2012 debut with this performance, building the hype undoubtedly for their Unity 2012 zabava performance!!! If the evening couldn’t already be entertaining enough the MC for night will be none other than Fr Mark Gnutel who is sure to bring laughs, insight to Unity 2012, and ofcourse a great time. Tickets are going fast!!!! Please call 338 7801 ex 2 for your tickets now! Buy 9 get 1 free! Adult tickets are $20 and children are $10. Come out and help make this night for Unity one that will keep spirits high all the way up until august 2012! The excitement is building…. So cmon ukies everywhere time to ride this wave together!