Great moments are made from great opportunities… No words encapsulate the vision of Unity 2012 more than these. For that is exactly what Unity is. Its a promise for better days, a promise that our church will not just survive but thrive. A promise to our ancestors that their dream of the church in Canada shall stay the path. A promise to our children that they wont have to solve this problem. We already did. Great opportunities. None could be more towering in significance than the task our church faces now. So lets seize this opportunity and make the most of it. Let us not be afraid of the trials we face but embrace the challenge and meet it with drive and conviction. Let us not be weary of what the future holds, but leave it to God and have faith. I ask each and every person who hears the word of Unity to look inside yourself and ask yourself the important questions. Where is the church going? Will I help make a change? Or will I stand to the side? I challenge everyone to be the reason why we can celebrate in August 2012. So that we can plant the seeds of hope, knowledge, and pride in the church in every young adult who attends Unity. 20 years from now let the conversations about the future of the church be that of positivity and inspiration. Let them be about Unity 2012 and how the entire Ukrainian Catholic Church came together as one to help in its preservation. Help make the great moments in our church part of our future. Together we are strong. And together with the grace of God we shall thrive. Unity 2012. Help make the moment.