I know, I know, it isn’t actually Thursday anymore, I am late by a few minutes. Part of the problem has been thinking up something to say: talk about the upcoming tours? No, I’ll cover them after. Do a 5 part more in-depth look at the acronym? No, pretty boring and redundant. Talk about how great UNITY will be? Well that’s a given.

But then, just minutes ago as I was looking about my room I saw a stack of books: one about ESPN, a Fitzgerald and a Hemingway plus an assorted collection of magazines, and I thought to myself, what do these have to do with UNITY?

Then it come to me like a flash of light (Paul on the road to Damascus style): UNITY is what bridges the gap between our everyday lives (in this case, my stack of books) and our spiritual lives, which often seem to be a remote wilderness that is only traversed on Sundays.

***I find it fitting that there is actually a foot bridge not too far from the retreat center in Pinawa; symbolism is everywhere!

But, to keep this brief (relatively), I really want to reinforce what we often stress on the tour and in our videos: UNITY is a eye-opening experience to realize that being a Ukrainian Catholic young adult is not something you need to hide away and be ashamed of; the feeling of being small and remote, isolated and ‘uncool’. UNITY is that experience to realize that we are vast and well integrated, connected and ‘hip’. That is what we are, that is what we can be, that is what we SHOULD be.

Yes, it is depressing to go to a church service and realize there is less than a handful of young people there. Yes, it is hard to feel a sense of belonging, a sense of connection, when you are in this situation. But you do belong, this isn’t just your baba’s church; it’s your church. To be able to realize that, to be able to recognize that being Ukrainian Catholic is just as much a part of your everyday life as your job, studies, friends, or family are, that is a moment of blissful self-actualization. But that bridge is not an easy one to cross.

UNITY is the chance to take the first step.



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