I think UNITY is pretty attractive idea. That has been made clear this week. First, the views on our webpage have gone through the roof. Secondly, someone new has decided to join Travis, Tamara, David and I at our lengthy video making sprees: Raisa.

So UNITY is growing in popularity, that’s evident; people at the Kiev Pavilion mentioned all week that they were going to be watching our videos at the first opportunity.

However, the next step, is turning page views into people; turning hype into a healthy church; turning followers on Twitter to followers of Christ. So we need to move forward – we need to take the next step to form that “critical mass” that Fr. Soo mentions – and take UNITY beyond evening entertainment, to take it to the tangible.

That’s the new mission; we have effectively gotten the word out to more and more people already, now we just need them to take that active step, a step that takes more than just a click. So take that next step, Raisa did tonight. And you can to.

So get involved, we would be more than happy to have you.


I kept it short tonight so you wouldn’t get too bored. And please, join us at Cook’s Creek this weekend for pilgrimage.




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