in front of St. Constantine

As you can see, I am posed in front of a church, but maybe one that you may not recognize. The church in question is St. Constantine’s Ukrainian Catholic Church in Minneapolis, which I was able to swing through on the tail end of this summer’s family vacation.

Service was similar to that of any Ukrainian Catholic Church, obviously with its own local flavour though – the biggest of which was getting used to a more southern sounding Amen (with a stress on the A). The people were very friendly and by there demeanor it seems that travelling visitors are not a rare occurence. The church is also very beautiful inside, and an attached museum has a variety of photos representing different styles of Ukrainian Catholic Church architecture, even including many churches from Winnipeg.

After service I dropped off a little information package with the priest about UNITY 2012, just so that he can get the word out to any young adults who might be interested. Keep in mind that Minneapolis is just as close to Winnipeg as Saskatoon, so the possibility of a few of our brothers and sisters to the south coming for UNITY is not as remote as it might seem.

Other than that, we obviously have a big day coming up on the calendar on Saturday so a lot of our energies have been devoted to that, but there should be plenty of new web material following the fundraiser, and we will be getting back into the swing of touring parishes as well.

God Bless,


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