We Have 1 Month To Go To Unity 2012!!

Can you believe that??  It seems like we just started on this journey to Unity 2012 yesterday, but three years have gone by (6 years ago for some of us!) and we have 30 days left before all of you join us in Pinawa, MB at Wilderness Edge Retreat Center!!  The planning team is getting very excited to share all that we have worked on over these past few years!

For those of you that have already registered, we need you to e-mail Tamara at youth@archeparchy.ca to let her know your speaker preferences (your top 3 in order of preference) as soon as you watch all the videos at: https://unity2012.wordpress.com/category/videos/interviews/speakers/ or read their bios at: https://unity2012.wordpress.com/speakers/ Thank you to those of you who have already done so.

For those of you who are still thinking about joining us, but haven’t registered yet, we are down to 48 spots left!  Please register soon!  To find the registration form, go to: https://unity2012.wordpress.com/registration-form/ and fill it out ASAP!  You can e-mail the filled in form to youth@archeparchy.ca with payment to follow in the mail to reserve your spot!

If there is someone specific that you would like to room with during Unity 2012, please e-mail your preferences to that same e-mail.  If you will be requiring transportation out to Pinawa from Winnipeg, you will need to book that with the Planning Team by August 8th for us to provide the information to our drivers.  Please indicate arrival time (airport, bus, etc) and location, again to the same e-mail listed above.

Also, if you require a receipt for you payment for Unity 2012 before August, please e-mail Tamara your request.

We can’t wait to see all of you in 30 days!

The Unity 2012 Planning Team