Hi everyone, Andrew here, just giving a list of some of what our committee will be up to in the month of August.

I am surely going to forgot something the first time around, so I will probably be updating with more info over the next few days.

August 2011
July 30 – August 1: Travis will be in Dauphin at the Canadian National Ukrainian Festival promoting UNITY formally and informally.

August 2: World Youth Day pilgrims depart (which includes many on the UNITY committee as well as those with other affiliations to UNITY)

August 6-7: Roadshow goes to Brandon for Sunday liturgy. If you’re in Brandon come out and see us!

August 7 – 13: Folklorama Kyiv Pavilion. Again informal promotion will be taking place as many of our committee members will be dancing, volunteering and attending!

August 19-21: Formal promotion of fundraiser and UNITY 2012 at Cook’s Creek Pilgrimage.

August 28: Potential parish tour TBA

Also, watch for more videos and blogs posts throughout the month. We have many interviews lined up, with bishops and others who are involved so watch for those. Additionally, look out for some hilarious footage that was taken at our planning retreat in October 2010 on location at Wilderness Edge.

Keep reading, watching and commenting as we are getting into full swing with one year until UNITY 2012 and one month until the fundraiser. Don’t forget to buy those fundraiser tickets, they are selling fast!

God bless and a good long weekend and remainder of the summer to all