So I have been thinking a lot about two things this week: the Kiev Pavilion and all of our Canadian Ukrainian Catholic pilgrims who are in Spain for World Youth Day. I thought about the many Manitoban pilgrims who had the “one or the other” choice (really it isn’t a choice, WYD all the way!), and all of those back at the pavilion who always say, “I wonder how _____ is doing, they’re away on that trip aren’t they?”

This is just a reminder, a wake-up call of sorts, of what events like WYD, UNITY and Congress are; they are elements of choice. While UNITY 2012 will not conflict with events such as the Kiev Pavilion or the Cook’s Creek Pilgrimage, there is always going to be something else: a wedding, funeral, party, relative coming in, all of these things that force us to make that difficult decision. I am not trying to say that people should drop everything for UNITY, that would be ridiculous; I am saying that the journey, the choices, the decisions, the sacrifices, that each participant will have to make will not be easy.

This is what makes UNITY so difficult to explain, it physically only spans four days, but it encompasses much more, a 3 act continuum: the journey, the event, and the “aftershock”. In those three parts, only one thing is set in linear time: the event, the journey and the “aftershock” are much more incongruous, with no definite time of beginning and end.

Each person’s continuum will look different, brought together in unity, by only one thing: those four days.

To take our theme of going “into the wild”, imagine it as a group of people all taking different paths through the wilderness then coming to a campfire, only staying for a bit, and then continuing on their journey, but never forgetting that one campfire.

Since it’s the 21st century, I’ll give you the SparkNotes on my thought’s for tonight: your attendance at UNITY 2012 is purely your choice, and I think it is a choice that will be extremely fulfilling for you.

Night all and God bless.

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