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Well I must apologize for reneging on my previous promise to provide daily blog coverage from Jay and I’s journey to the CCYMN conference. To summarize, Friday started with Matins at the Sheptytsky Institute and then sitting in on a class at St. Paul University on the Byzantine Liturgy before I headed down towards Parliament for some exploration.  I wouldn’t meet again with my travelling partner until the Liturgy of Pre-Sanctified Gifts at Holy Spirit Seminary in the late afternoon.


I must go out of my way to thank those at Holy Spirit Seminary, most notably Fr. Winn and the other seminarians who welcomed us with unparalled hospitality and enthusiasm. We were able to take part in one of the most beautiful liturgical services that I have been to in all my life and were also treated to a wonderful (meat-free) dinner. In UNITY news, we STRONGLY encouraged everyone at the seminary to join us at UNITY 2012, and they are very excited about the possibility of attending.


After service and dinner, we were headed off to begin the “work” part of our trip, going to the conference. The opening of the conference had all the standard conference opening procedures (icebreakers, info, welcome speeches) and then we headed down the street to St. Patrick’s Basilica for Adoration service (which for the 7 of us Ukrainian Catholics, among ~300 Roman Catholics is a different experience outside of our regular liturgical right). The remainder of the evening (and early morning) was devoted to social activities and, again, UNITY 2012 promotion.


After experiencing Latin Rite services throughout the weekend, this morning was the chance for us Byzantine Catholics to show some of our right at the opening prayer service for the day. We led the group in attendance in the Third Hour service, which was very well received.


The remainder of the morning and afternoon was taken up by speeches and workshops, which were  all helpful, informative, inspirational and of a very high quality overall. I’m now on free time, just getting ready to work on some school work before evening mass and dinner.

I hope everyone back home and across Canada is just as excited for UNITY 2012 as the people we’ve talked to this weekend are. Hopefully, I will be able to sneak in another post tomorrow afternoon before leaving or while in the Toronto airport in layover tomorrow night, but no guarantees this time.


God Bless,



Andrew’s Thoughts for Thursday

(an opinion piece put out on Thursdays, time permitting)

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Andrew’s On the Road(show)

(Recaps and thoughts after parish tours)

Introduction – Tuesday July 26, 2011: UNITY!?!?

Hi everyone, Andrew here, just giving a list of some of what our committee will be up to in the month of August.

I am surely going to forgot something the first time around, so I will probably be updating with more info over the next few days.

August 2011
July 30 – August 1: Travis will be in Dauphin at the Canadian National Ukrainian Festival promoting UNITY formally and informally.

August 2: World Youth Day pilgrims depart (which includes many on the UNITY committee as well as those with other affiliations to UNITY)

August 6-7: Roadshow goes to Brandon for Sunday liturgy. If you’re in Brandon come out and see us!

August 7 – 13: Folklorama Kyiv Pavilion. Again informal promotion will be taking place as many of our committee members will be dancing, volunteering and attending!

August 19-21: Formal promotion of fundraiser and UNITY 2012 at Cook’s Creek Pilgrimage.

August 28: Potential parish tour TBA

Also, watch for more videos and blogs posts throughout the month. We have many interviews lined up, with bishops and others who are involved so watch for those. Additionally, look out for some hilarious footage that was taken at our planning retreat in October 2010 on location at Wilderness Edge.

Keep reading, watching and commenting as we are getting into full swing with one year until UNITY 2012 and one month until the fundraiser. Don’t forget to buy those fundraiser tickets, they are selling fast!

God bless and a good long weekend and remainder of the summer to all


****Note: Sorry for the long length of this post. I was just moved by the Spirit so to speak as I was walking home from work today.****


Just that one word stirs up a host of emotions.

And in one weekend we are supposed to do our best to cover the word, and all that associated with it, as it pertains to our Church.

A lot of what I think about UNITY 2012 has been formed by time spent telling people about it: The Roadshow. As we hop from parish to parish getting the word out, the event seems to be fleshed out, person by person, conversation by conversation, church dinner by church dinner.

And the one thing that these tours have taught is that UNITY is about people.

It is about the people of our church, those who attend services regularly and those who don’t, those who have rock-solid beliefs and those who are still working on it. And I think it is fitting that the theme of UNITY 2006 was “Connections”, because that is what it is all about, making those personal connections, those connections that will not only be seen at UNITY, but in our churches for years to come.

We need to make those connections, not only with other young adults, but with all members of our church community: our forefathers, our clergy, our parents, our grandparents, our friends, our children. That is what we need to get back to: a church community. In a way, it is something I believe our church has slowly moved away from, just as we have moved ahead or away from what brought us together as a church community in the first place. No longer is the Ukrainian Catholic Church in Canada an infant, it has grown and evolved to what it presently is. But the church of Blessed Bishop Nikita Budka’s day was truly a community; people lived and breathed around the church, for the support, for the education and for the friendship it provided. As the need for the Church to support the Ukrainian Canadian community lessened, the community has slowly broken down.

I see UNITY as an opportunity to begin to rebuild that community.

In a way, UNITY 2012 will be both a blast and a behemoth; a blast in that it will be a lot of fun, a behemoth in that it will be a lot of work to plan. But UNITY is also a behemoth in that it represents such a large scope of what we want to accomplish in our Church: to rebuild, to reinvigorate, to educate, to excite, to pray, to play, the list is endless. So are we trying to accomplish too much?

The answer is yes and no.

Yes, in that there is no way to rebuild that Church community in one weekend. I know that, you know that.

But on the flipside, UNITY is not just one weekend. It is merely a reference point on the continuum of the Ukrainian Catholic Young Adults of Canada. Many see UNITY in the form of a story: buildup, climax, end. Wash, rinse, repeat. This thinking is wrong. UNITY does not end. The singular experience of UNITY may only encompass one weekend, but it is much more than that: it is a turning point. A turning point for individuals, and a turning point for our Church community.

So UNITY 2012 is not the end. And it certainly is not the beginning either. It is somewhere in the murky middle – the great unknown. So before we get to UNITY 2012 we need to be building that community that is going to make UNITY a success. But not only do we need to build the community for UNITY, we need to build the community that is going to endure for generations beyond UNITY 2012, in Jesuit terms, we need to prepare to “live the forth” (fourth) so to speak.

So after 600 words we are right back where we started:


What does it mean to you?